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Miami Herald: “Pinecrest Councilwoman files to run for Flores’ Florida Senate seat”

Pinecrest Councilwoman Anna Hochkammer filed papers to run for Flores’ 39th district Tuesday. The 45-year-old Democrat cited the “state of public education” in a statement explaining her candidacy.

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New Village Equal Pay Resolution Shows Municipal Leadership

April 7, 2017 is Equal Pay Day, and equal pay and the gender employment pay gap are hot topics nationally.

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Want To Learn More About Sea Level Rise? Miami-Dade Offers A Free Training

Miami-Dade County is offering people the chance to learn more about sea-level rise and how to prepare for it with a free training. The course, which is only two hours long, shows how to use online tools that map out different scenarios of sea level rise in South Florida.

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Spit Out That Straw for Good!

Put down your smoothie, Big Gulp or to-go cup of coffee for a minute. Let’s spend that minute thinking not about what you’re drinking, but what you’re drinking out of. Is it paper, plastic, ceramic or glass? What’s that straw made of, now that you’re thinking about it?

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